Vol 6 (2014)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction PDF
Peggy Pittman Munke i-iii

Feature Articles

Ethical Guidelines for Social Work Supervisors in Rural Settings PDF
Elizabeth Twining Blue, Ann Marie Kutzler, Suzanne Marcon-Fuller 1-15
“They can only do so much:” Use of family while coping with rural homelessness PDF
Deanna L. Trella, Timothy Patrick Hilton 16-39
Differences between Children and Youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders: Implications for Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment in Rural Social Work PDF
Susan Ryan, George Stuart Leibowitz, Jeanne M. Nauheimer, Paul Force-Emery Mackie 40-57
Impact of Providers’ Cultural Competence on Clients’ Satisfaction and Hopefulness in Rural Family Services: A Pilot Study PDF
Mingun Lee, Karen Carlson, Sylvia Hawranick Senften 58-71
Gun Control: College Student Attitudes and the Meaning for Appalachian Social Workers PDF
Ida M. Mills, Mark A. Mills 72-85
Black Gold and the Dark Underside of Its Development on Human Service Delivery PDF
Kenneth Flanagan, Thomasine Heitkamp, Randall C Nedegaard, Dheeshana S Jayasundara 86-106

Book Review

Book review of Rural Mental Health: Issues, Policies, and Best Practices PDF
Peter A Kindle 107-109
Book Review of Rural Social Work: Building and Sustaining Community Capacity, 2nd edition PDF
Susie Mallard Barnes 110-111
Book review of Shapira's Waiting for Jose: The Minutemen’s pursuit of America PDF
Leah N. Diaz 112-113
Book review of Daughters and Granddaughters of Farmworkers: Emerging from the Long Shadow of Farm Labor PDF
Jaclyn Adrian 114-116

Practice Notes

Implementing a Mental Health First Aid Training Program in a Rural Healthcare Setting: Are you Crazy? PDF
Andrew M. O'Neill, Valerie L. Leyva, Michael N Humble, Melinda L. Lewis, John A. Garcia 117-125

Teaching Notes

Building University-Community Partnerships through a Community-Based Learning Assignment PDF
Karen Rice, Kathleen Walsh 126-135
Iterative Ethical Discussion in Hybridized Practice Classes PDF
Michelle Emery Blake, Mary Fran Davis 136-145
Introduction to Animal- and Nature-Assisted Therapies: A Service-Learning Model for Rural Social Work PDF
Laura J Praglin, Linda L. Nebbe 146-156


The Inclusion of Poetry in Contemporary Rural Social Work PDF
Danielle Dubrasky 157-159
Horse Trailer PDF
David Salner 160
Shawn Fawson 161

Complete Volume

Complete Volume PDF

ISSN: 2165-4611